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Steel Watch Bands, Watch Straps, and Custom Jewelry

About Us

Goodyear Manufacturing Corp was founded in 1957 specializing in supplying high quality stainless steel watch bands targeting the replacements markets as well as catering to OEM projects. With over 50 years in history in the market, we have matured into being a trusted partner working with some of the largest brands in Europe and within the Asian Pacific markets with a wide range of products offerings. At Goodyear, we are a strong advocate of efficiency and total transparency within our business relationships and we take pride in the provision of exceptional service backed by a qualified QC team that ensures quality precision of our goods and products.

Since the turn of the century, Goodyear Manufacturing Corp diversified its product offerings to include a trendy range of stainless steel jewelry products. Spearheaded by a closely knit team of passionate designers and fashion enthusiasts, Goodyear's product range covers over 50 distinct categories leading the way within the Stainless Steel Jewelry industry distinguishable by design innovation. Currently working with some of the world's top fashion brands in the US and Europe, Goodyear Manufacturing is now looking to expand its products and service to the China and Australasia markets through design management and OEM project management.
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